miércoles, 13 de agosto de 2014


martes, 22 de octubre de 2013

Y o K a n a Halloween 2013

New Special Arrival!!!


Ladies I am proud and very happy with this creation.
It was very long and great inspiration, a dress made ​​up of body corset & tank
black fabric leather. Tulle skirt and overskirt with embossed,  linked to a belt of small pumpkins funny smile.
Dress Accessories: Black stockings with lace, witch hat decorated with pumpkins and a crow as a pet and the best fun of all, a large wooden branch hanging from it and a bag tangled web with spider and a modern touch, an ipad to have connection to the afterlife.

Have fun as me! 

Trick or treat?

The regular price is 255 L $.
To Y o K a n a  group members is only 50 L $
Run for it!


viernes, 18 de octubre de 2013


Good luck and play!!

Come on! Ladies We placed two Gacha machines in the shop to have fun while waiting for their letter of luck, or sit in our beauty salon with hot coffee in his hand.
A lucky Japanese doll can be yours for only 15 L $.
They are very pretty, make a wish and put on your wrist, it can be true!

 You can have a shirt with hand painted design, very funny.
A bargain price L $ 10.

A wish: have fun!

lunes, 14 de octubre de 2013

The Boho Culture Fair 2013 

The Boho Culture Fair 11, for 2013, a must see destination in your calendar.  

Opening October 16 - 31

Y o K a n a
Offers exclusive designs for the fair, visit us:    YoKana Store Fair

Exclusive Fair Creations

YK - Boho Corse and Tutu MESH 

Three color options vest. Mesh assembly 100%

YK - Boho Blouse Hearts


Gacha Machine Y o K a n a  TBCF 2013:

Gift Y o K a n a  Store TBCF 2013:

YK - Curlers multicolored (Gift)



New Products Autumn Y o K a n a

Casual Boho:

YK - Boho Harem Loto

Casual Cocktail:

YK - C'est moi!

Formal Gown:

 YK - Isabelle Pearl Gown

Come on!
you will not lose all this?





lunes, 7 de octubre de 2013

YK - Isabelle Pearl Gown - Creme

 New arrival

Formal and elegant made ​​with fine fabric textures in cream. You can use low on leg tulle or without. Exquisite and sophisticated to enjoy and feel like a princess.
Beautiful detail of large pearls at the neckline of the dress.

domingo, 6 de octubre de 2013

Y o K a n a  "Starfish "HUNT - October 2013

     Open Oct 01th - 31th 2013
     Hunt Object starfish (sample is sent)
     Six stars are inside  YoKana (Casual and Formal Stores)
     Complete outfit shown in picture.
     Pieces included:
     Star 1 * YK -  Marine Red - Belt
     Star 2 * YK - Bracelet Silver (r)
     Star 3 * YK - Marine Cropped  Pullover White Mesh
     Star 4 * YK - Marine Red  Dress
     Star 5 * YK - Marine Red - Scarf
     Star 6 * YK - Marine Red flats
     Each star for only 1 L$
     The price of the suit after the hunt will be for 250 L $
     You are going to lose?
     Let's go!
     Happy Hunting!!

YK - Miss Dagda 

(Tribute to Dagda Burner)


Some time ago I wanted to do something special, a dress that was a reflection of his personality, sweet, sensual, sexy and unique as she is.
This is the result in cream and black, rich silk fabrics and embroidered tulle enriched transparency and jewelry. An elegant and sophisticated.
You Dagda was a good friend, you are in a special moment in your life, but you also was my inspiration. 

Thank you for your good advice.

For sale only in the main store: